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She was 12 years old when her older sister first taught her how to knit, starting with small but satisfying projects like socks. When we visit, Zelan is knitting washcloths that will soon appear in our online store. They are dark purple squares, with knit and purl stitches forming a basket weave pattern.

Journey - When You Love a Woman (Official Music Video)

Her hands work quickly and her stitches are beautifully even. I have no need for another washcloth, but watching one form on her knitting needles makes me absolutely want one. Knitting and selling washcloths is helping Zelan to continue building the kind of life she wants for her children. She has safety in her refugee camp home—security and sense of peace.

Zelan has good neighbors, and friendships built with other women who live nearby in the camp. Zelan is working to fill in the gaps.

She tells us those earnings will become food for her family, clothes for her children, and the kind of unglamorous items every home needs—like a bucket or a new squeegee for the tile floors. My donation is on behalf of an organization. Contributions are tax deductible in the U.

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And Zelan is thrilled with it. Zelan knitting washcloths for sale in our online shop. I live with him, I see his face, I go no more away; I live with him, I hear his voice, I stand alive today. I'm wife, I'm woman now; he touched me, and now, I'm different from before.

I've Got a Woman's Love

That I shall love alway, I offer thee that love is life, and life hath immortality. Bless God, he went as soldiers, his musket on his breast; grant, God, he charge the bravest of all the martial blest. Please God, might I behold him in epauletted white, I should not fear the foe then, I should not fear the fight. I envy seas whereon he rides, I envy spokes of wheels of chariots that him convey; I envy speechless hills that gaze upon his journey;.

I envy light that wakes him, and bells that boldly ring to tell him it is noon abroad; how easy all can see what is forbidden unto me! And when they all were seated, a service like a drum kept beating, beating, till I thought my mind was going numb. And then I heard them lift a box, and creak across my should with those same boots of lead, again, then space began to toll as all the heavens were a bell, and Being but an ear, and I and silence some strange race, wrecked, solitary, here.

ALAN JACKSON: A Womans Love Guitar chords | Guitar Chords Explorer

To know just how he suffered would be dear; to know if any human eyes were near to whom he could intrust his wavering gaze, until it settled firm on Paradise. To know if he was patient, part content, was dying as he thought, or different; was it a pleasant day to die, and did the sunshine face his way? What was his furthest mind, of home, or God, or what the distant say at news that he ceased human nature on such a day?

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And wishes, had he any? Just his sigh, accented, had been legible to me.

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And was he confident until ill fluttered out in everlasting well? And if he spoke, what name was best, what first, what one broke off with at the drowsiest?