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  1. I Am an Arcturan! - Divine Beings On Earth!
  2. The Inhabitants of Arkaim
  3. By Chad Stuemke
  4. ARC Ancient (Ancient Wisdom From Ancient Beings)

She was given details about the birth and how it was long awaited, for many know the child is the prophesized one.

They are rejoicing. I asked her if she knew the date … but I have come to realize that at that time different calendars were used by different races. The facts are they were in the country of Judaea and that after Issa was born, Joseph and Mary were married. A Light from God had impregnated Mary and Issa was born from that. So that she, Ruth, was not of the lineage of Issa but rather after his birth the family lineage came from Joseph. I asked Rosemary-Ruth to move on in her memory.

She said Issa she now referred to him as Jesus was 18 years older than her. He had light brown hair and beautiful eyes. She loved him. Something had happened in the past three years. He was always talking to men and going away to other places a lot.

I Am an Arcturan! - Divine Beings On Earth!

He no longer had time to play with her. It was like a dark cloud had descended. People were always talking about soldiers, sickness and death and dangerous times. They wanted her brother to be the King.

The Inhabitants of Arkaim

To set people free. That is not what I have come to do. Rosemary-Ruth is very upset here.

She believed what he had come to do was not going to happen and she was sad. Rosemary-Ruth was crying now. I asked her to move on in her memory — after Issa was crucified. She said there was great danger for all of them, they had to get away. The Marys knew — and the Marys got together to leave that country. They knew the teachings and they took the teachings with them to France. Shrine to the Saint-Marys-on-the Seas.

There were several boats. She was now 16 years old and said she was a handmaiden to the Marys. She is a cousin to Jesus. And there is another Mary, there are four altogether, and her name is Judith.

Kryon 2019 - ANCIENT WISDOM!

She was startled to find in her memory that they had the Holy Grail with them. Rosemary-Ruth spontaneously came out of her altered state saying it was time to come back. I asked if she knew where the Chalice is now? It was while we were still sitting together, that I was over-lighted by Cosmic Sai Baba who said,. There is a festival and ceremony re-enacted about their arrival in a boat on the Bay of Marys which is still celebrated to this day. This is televised and I happened to see this recently. Procession of the Saint-Marys-on-the-Seas.

When many of the family of Issa came to South of France, they were welcomed — they were known — for they had visited before. They knew that Issa was the prophesised one. The teachings of the Essenes were already known to the Gauls as they were in many of the Arabic countries. Similar teachings were known by the Gnostics and later by the Cathars in the South of France.

In fact some of the tribes were becoming so strong in their following, the Catholic Church became very worried about their power and the teachings that did not concur with many of their Church teachings. By the 11th century the Cathars had spread to many places.

By Chad Stuemke

In particular, to Mt. Segur in Languedoc, France, where it was said that the original manuscript, written by John the Divine, was held and that it would be found. He had named it The Book of Love. I believe as an Instrument I am being used to re-tell the information that was in it.

ARC Ancient (Ancient Wisdom From Ancient Beings)

The Cathars taught about the God of Love. The movement was becoming so strong and spread so wide, there was an edict put out by the Pope in , to arrest the progress of the Cathars. By to circa another Pope came to power and resolved to deal with them, using the inquisition. From May to March the Cathar fortress of Montsegur, was besieged by troops. On the sixteenth of March in the year , a large and symbolically important massacre took place, where over Cathar pure ones were burned in an enormous fire near the foot of the castle.

Many surviving Cathars went underground or to other countries and their descendants still exist today. Stele marking the massacre at Montsegur. Mary Magdalene was said to continue the teaching of Jesus, and was considered to be the Apostle of the Apostles, knowing Jesus intimately. She was the first to see him after he reappeared at his Resurrection.

There is no way that the opening can be mistaken as being from the east. It is surprising that a journal of geology would publish such an error. Perhaps early writers assumed that a temple should have its opening towards the east -- the direction of the rising sun. Certainly, many churches and other religious structures are designed so that their opening is towards the east. However, the Painted Rock enclosure has towering walls on all three sides and an opening towards the north just slightly east of north.

Its walls increase in height towards the back of the enclosure, with the southern wall being the highest. As I sat on the ground in meditation next to the panel of celestial figures reproduced above which is on the inner portion of the eastern wall , I realized that the sun, moon, planets and zodiac constellations would trace an arc across the sky above the curve of the southern wall.

In fact, as I was sitting there inside the enclosure in the afternoon, the sun was making its way towards the west along the top of the southern wall:. In the above image, we are looking towards the south. East is to the left, and west is to the right. The sun is tracking along the top of the south-west wall, on its way towards the western horizon beyond. It is very clear that a man or woman seated within the enclosure and looking towards the southern sky would have dramatic views of the march of the zodiac constellations, as well as the motions of the planets and of our own moon, traveling as they do along the ecliptic path.

In fact, at the southern edge of the enclosure at the top of the upward-sloping ground which rises up towards the back of the enclosure there are some shallow caves, one of which contains rock-art resembling a "solar boat" from the artwork of ancient Egypt -- complete with a sun-like object above it from which rays can be seen to descend, just like the solar imagery found in many other cultures:.

The reader may even agree that one would not go too far in suggesting that the figure with the rays descending from it resembles an eye -- even an Eye of Horus note the "eyebrow" shape arching over the eye. In other words, the above rock art is located at the southern wall of the temple, and probably depicts the sun traveling above the wall here depicted by the ancient artists on the more eastward part of its daily journey, as it travels from east to west or left to right as we face to the south.

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The "solar boat" seems to have a large square "notch" in its upper lines, because the Painted Rock enclosure itself actually has a deep notch in it as well, which can be seen in the photograph immediately above this one. Below is another image showing the opening into the Painted Rock temple, looking towards the south. This time, arrows are provided to show the relative locations of the "solar boat" image at the back of the enclosure, at the base of the south wall and the "celestial panel" rock art along the inside of the east wall of the enclosure, to the left as we look south :.

I believe that it is very likely that the "celestial panel" of zodiac constellations, with the Milky Way band depicted rising in the center of the panel, flanked by Ophiucus above Scorpio, marks a location where the motions of the sun, moon, stars and planets could very easily be observed, wheeling in the sky above the enclosure of the temple, with the zodiac band tracing an arc above the sweep of the south wall.

From there, the presence of the Spirit World -- the Infinite Realm -- would be very palpably felt.

agendapop.cl/wp-content/tech/jiz-como-encontrar-una.php In fact, on my most recent visit, the entire plain was so silent that I could most definitely feel the presence of that invisible world. The likelihood that this ancient temple was used for contact with the Other World is indicated not only by the celestial nature of the rock art, but also by the presence of at least two staring figures to the left of what I believe to be the Milky Way band in the celestial panel of artwork, who are shown below:.

Can you see them, just to the left of the shallow cup-like indentation that can be seen near the center of the photograph above? They have large staring eyes and a mouth full of very tall, skull-like teeth. To see them, look to the left of the darker-brown circular cup-shaped hole or indentation in the photo.

I am not certain that these correspond to any constellations. In fact, the large black circle to the left of them in the Campbell Grant depiction the one with two triangular "horns" on its top edge and two more along its bottom edge may not be a constellation either.