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  2. This Woman Kept Her Secret Lover In The Attic of the House She Shared With Her Husband
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With the shoes it must have been much the same, but after the hat.

That elliptical, dreamlike tone is characteristic of the novel. When Duras claimed that the novel was entirely autobiographical, it became something of an international sensation.

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Now, three decades after its initial publication, the book has inspired countless writers while generating plenty of criticism. What she reads as a sophisticated balance between tones, though, Sharma interpreted as disjointed ramblings. I think a lot of these things that are dismissed are hard to do. The novel approaches the affair and its consequences from a multitude of angles, like a piece of faceted glass reflecting light. Inherent in these questions was often the sense of the personal and wide-ranging responses the novel had inspired in its readers.

Not all the panelists partaking in the discussion were equally impressed with The Lover , however. Is the narrator undergoing a true sexual awakening?

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Prostituting herself to save her family from financial ruin? In Vermont, I had never heard of Marguerite Duras, I knew nothing of her body of work or personal history, I knew nothing of the Nouveau Roman, the literary movement Duras was associated with.

Yet that sensation of encountering a novel so deeply invested in representing not only an experience, but the way experience operates, remains one of my most transformative moments of contact as a reader. The Lover is closed and open in the way experience, and even artistic process, is.


This Woman Kept Her Secret Lover In The Attic of the House She Shared With Her Husband

There is an end and there is no end; both those realities must exist alongside each other. The novel is circular in its structure of repetition and imagistic touchstones, but not definitive. The circle is open and it is opens up into a sea of mystery and encourages a private sea of mystery to open up within the reader.

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In the years I have been reading The Lover , I have moved seven times. Some boxes of books have been packed and lost. Many other books have been given away, in an effort to lighten the load.

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  5. But The Lover is one of the few books in my collection that continues to multiply. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature. I started The Lover on the flight back to Florida, where I was living at the time, compelled and confounded by a novel that opens as this one does: Article continues after advertisement. Back to Previous. The Lover: A Ballad. By Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.

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