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Over the last five years, for example, MA students have been admitted into:. Conduct research that engages and responds to diverse audiences of scholars, students, and community members. Perform all activities in an ethical manner. Skip to main content. Toggle menu Go to search page. Search Field. Why English? New Research and Coursework in Digital Humanities Why should English, writing, and humanities majors be interested in digital humanities?

Full Funding To enable our School to fully fund our incoming students, the MA Program now offers three sources of financial support 1. Thesis Experience All MA students write original theses, closely mentored by one primary advisor and two additional faculty members. Pedagogical Development Graduate Teaching Assistants GTAs receive sound support for their teaching and its evolution through a sequence of professional development activities, which enhance their effectiveness and often enjoyment as instructors. Scholarly Connections The School of Writing, Literature, and Film regularly hosts lectures and workshops for graduate students by prominent writers and critics, including events in the Critical Questions series.

Post-Graduate Success Our graduates have gone on to teaching or administrative positions at the secondary and university levels; to professional careers in business, government, and publishing; and to PhD programs.

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Study guides and style manuals

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Study guides and style manuals | The University of Edinburgh

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